Digital marketing is a fast changing world, so it’s important to constantly self develop and learn new skills to help you deliver successful, innovative campaigns. One of my goals for 2016 is to read more, so I’ll be periodically updating this post with some more of my favourites that I think every digital marketer should read.

The Link Building Book

The Link Building Book

One of the effects of Google’s efforts to reduce spam through numerous Penguin updates is that many digital marketers are now afraid to implement any manual linkbuilding strategies. The fact is, manual link building is unlikely to go away. Content marketing is not a replacement for linkbuilding – it compliments it.

Perhaps one reason why some marketers are reluctant to implement linkbuilding strategies is because they are unsure what tactics they should use. Not only does Paddy Moogan’s guide give you detailed instructions on how to execute a range of potent linkbuilding strategies, he also explains which tactics you should avoid and why.

As an added bonus, all buyers get free updates to the book sent to them when they become available, so you’ll always be at the forefront of linkbuilding.

Get The Linkbuilding Book here.

21 Dirty Tricks At Work

As much as you’d hate to admit it, you’re likely to find some elements of political in fighting in any organisation, and this book is all about how to spot any such Machiavellian tactics and avoid falling into their trap.

Even if you don’t feel that there’s much impact of internal politics at your current workplace, it’s worth a read to help you identify any in future, or to know how to spot if any of your coworkers are up to no good. This book really is the office life handbook that you’ll want to refer back to every so often.

It’s likely most useful for marketers working in-house. In fact, I know at least two people working for big, international businesses who have fallen for the traps detailed in this book. If only they’d read it, they’d have been able to recognise the tell tale signs and secured the prestigious projects and promotions they were after!

There is value for agency-side marketers too. Look out for dirty trick number 5: the creative magpie, ensuring the right person gets credit for ideas or initiatives. This doesn’t just apply to people within the agency, but also with clients – make sure that your agency is receiving credit for the work you do at board level.

You can buy 21 Dirty Tricks at Work from Amazon.

The Art of Client Service

The art of client service

As a digital marketer, part of your role will include dealing with clients. As a result, it’s essential that you’re able to clearly communicate ideas, manage relationships, deliver presentations, and possibly most importantly, know what to do if anything goes wrong!

The Art of Client Service teaches you how to deal with all these aspects of agency life, and more, despite weighing in at just over 200 pages. The book essentially gives you a blue print on how to successfully manage a client relationship, project, and co-workers.

This book is a must-read for anyone new to agency life. Even if you’re a seasoned agency veteran or have a few years under your belt, this guide is worth a read as you’re likely to discover things you’ve been doing wrong or could improve upon. Best of all, the concepts are all timeless, meaning it can become a handy companion for you to refer back to certain sections or re-read as a refresher, helping you overcome almost any client relationship issue.

The Art of Client Service is available at Amazon.

Write to Sell

Write to Sell

Modern SEO increasingly demands a holistic approach, which is why the discipline is starting to converge with conversion rate optimisation. It’s often easier to increase leads and sales by improving conversion rates, instead focusing purely on growing search traffic.

In an increasingly text-dominated world, appealing to your website visitors with great copy has never been more important, yet for many businesses, this is an overlooked part of their marketing. While many managers are prone to outsourcing their content creation to low-cost overseas suppliers, the fact is that your visitors will not be impressed by poor grammar and spelling mistakes, and are less likely to convert as a result.

Well written copy can really help to improve conversion rates and improve the perception of your brand, and Andy Maslen’s book is an ideal way to learn the craft. Spread over six sections, you’ll learn how to address the reader, identify what exactly it is that you want to say, what works and what doesn’t, plus much more.

Even if you’re not directly responsible for writing content, this book is also a good read for anyone who hires external copywriters, helping you understand how to effectively brief them and ensure what they produce is suitable for your audience.

You can buy Write To Sell here.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

The new rules of marketing and PR

The new rules of marketing and PR is for anyone who’s looking to take advantage of any kind of social media in their marketing strategy. This book explains the process of leveraging web-based content to get your message out to responsive buyers, in a cost effective way.

Starting with an explanation of the core concepts, David Meerman Scott’s book goes on to offer an exhaustive list of ideas and strategies for both in-house and agency based marketers, for example ideas for allowing employees to write for the company blog, how to effectively use audio and video content, creating viral buzz, developing a content strategy, and much more.

One of the best parts about this book is that many of the concepts are backed up by real-world case studies, so you can be sure the strategies within it are tried and tested.

Get The New Rules of Marketing and PR at Amazon.

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